Nettlebed Music Club Gigs

Hi everyone,

the good news is that we will be running the gig on July 10th with a restricted audience. we will still have Pete Brazil and Dave Sheriff but it will be concert only. you can stand by your chair and jig about but must not leave the table. Drinks will be waiter service only. The tickets will be £10.00. Please do not bring your own drinks as the Club bar needs your support. I have refund money in envelopes for those who had bought NYE tickets and, if you want to come to this one I can take money from there and refund you the difference. I must stress that I cannot sell more than 50 tickets so it is important you let me know asap to avoid disappointment.

you can text me on 07769775422, email on or Facebook message to Sue Worth





Tablecloths all washed and ironed, we are ready to go!!!!!!!!

August 14th Cardy & Coke

September 11

Sally Glennon & Ted

October 9

Anniversary night

40 years of Nettlebed with