Bournemouth February 2020

Well we are just back from a mighty successful weekend in Bournemouth. It is difficult to put into words the time everyone had, all the acts were superb, the hotel did us proud and the atmosphere and camaraderie between everyone was just amazing. It was great to see Scott and Sarah Jory on stage together with Bill Conlon and Peter. They played an instrumental of Danny Boy which was sensational. We go back a long way with both of them.

Practically everyone there booked again for November making our last one a sell out!! If anyone wants to go on a waiting list please ring us. Our thanks to all who came, all of the artists, the Carrington and all of the helpers. It really was an astonishing weekend. Please view the Gallery page for photos .We now look forward to November.


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-07 at 13.10.50 (1)

There was, of course, great sadness on hearing of the passing of our dear friend, Nicky James who should have been there with us. Nicky was one of our regulars, someone who contributed so much to our music scene and someone who will be sorely missed. We must thank Dave Sheriff for the wonderful tribute to Nicky, “How Great Thou Art” was sung with so much feeling to a standing crowd. Thanks also to Pete Brazil who carried out the finale in such sad circumstances with his true professionalism.

2 thoughts on “Bournemouth February 2020

  1. Dian Whiteman

    Thank you Sue and Roger for such a wonderful weekend, I’m so glad I came.Dave and Pete really did you proud with their tributes to Nicky, who will be greatly missed. Looking forward to November



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